Steamed Dumplings


Steamed Tuna Dumplings

This Steamed Tuna Dumpling is made and cooked using the traditional ingredients and spices and cooked using steam to come out healthy and fat-free.


Fried Shomai

Fried Shomai 

One of the products we’ll be selling is fried Tuna Dumplings.

It is made and cooked with the traditional ingredients. Only, it cooked through frying.



What king of fish would you like to try as filling for Shomai?



LYZ’s Shomai

LYZ’s Shomai is a food retail store. It’s focus is on one dimsum everyone mostly associates with meat, siomai. The business aims to promote a healthier version of the siomai, one where fish is used instead of the usual pork or beef. This is a new but healthy twist to the common and ordinary food almost everyone loves. The product will be initially sold at school as the business requires direct selling and other marketing strategies like free tasting and promos.


LYZ’s Shomai visualizes itself to be recognized as one of the leading producers of fish-filled dimsum products in the country. It shall provide quality products and services in pursuit of achieving excellence.


LYZ’s Shomai shall be the leading manufacturer of healthy fish-filled shomai products promoting the healthy benefits of fish and other natural local ingredients.

Business Location


We decided to put up our business in Pandacan Area, specifically in Bagong Barangay Housing Project (BBHP). The ratio of the population is 50:40:10. About 50% of the population consists of children, 40% are middle aged men and women, and the remaining 10% consists of the elderly.


According to our estimation, there’s more than 30 food stalls in the area. Pedestrian business is not allowed inside the barangay. The place is surrounded by buildings. There is a supermarket and a wet market near the place. Some people in the barangay are working in the wet market, offices, stalls and government. Some do not have jobs. There are also citizens who are OFWs working abroad.